Friday, June 13, 2014

Art Challenge Branding, Dedham Guild

With every new Art Challenge the Dedham Guild hosts at the Dedham Community Theatre I try to design new branding. It makes it a nice challenge and easily recognizable. For this I used the font "Reed of Love" for the Fun logotype and a typewriter font for the rest of the text. I choose my photo for the photo to use. I had some great choices but, this photo of the amusement ride was bright and eye catching.

With every challenge, I have to design a flyer for the show and a flyer for the opening, a sign for painting prices, a card with contact info, I also design a small poster for our Art Show board that sits upstairs from the show and advertises the "Fun" show in the theatre. It is quite a bit of work but a great challenge to come up with a brand new theme each time. Sometimes it takes me a few tries but ideas finally click.

It is fun to use these graphic to advertise the show on social media and Dedham Patch site. Our audience for these shows has been growing. We also have better lighting in the gallery area. It looks fantastic.



By Kerry Hawkins


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