Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Graphic Housewares, huset

Top: Lisa Bengtsson Between Us Women Plates, Middle: Maria Dahlgren Helsinki Tray. Bottom: Formverket Pom Pom Cutting board designed by  Barbro Tryberg Boberg 

Recently, I stumbled upon this ecomerce site. I love the graphic quality of these housewares. They have a fun retro but, modern feel. The huset shop site has oodles of fun things to look at from dining to clothing. I like the sites creative photography of the items for sale. It gives you a sense on how you would use a product you ordered. 

I also appreciate that they highlight the designer of each item by using thier name in the description of each item. The site features over 60 scandinavian designers and seeks out new emerging designers. You can learn more about the designers on the site in the bio section. Fun stuff

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